CleanStream – Premium Silicone Enema Set – Clear


CleanStream – Premium Silicone Enema Set – Clear

139,00 €

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Be confident and be prepared with this Premium Silicone Enema Set! It includes everything you need for a thorough and pleasurable cleanse. The durable silicone bag holds up to a gallon of fluid, and the long flexible hose makes it easy to administer using 4 different shaped smooth enema tips – wide, thin, long or stemmed. These options allow shoppers the choice and selection of which size tip works best for them, personalizing the enema experience. The entire set fits conveniently in an included leather storage case for safe-keeping or easy travel.

Measurements: Bag holds up to 1 gallon. Hose is approx. 6.5′ long. Material: Rubber hose and bag; stainless steel clamps; leather case; ABS plastic enema tips.

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