Crackstuffers Small Rough Rider


Crackstuffers Small Rough Rider

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Our classic Large Rough Rider (article 777005) has been famous because it gives pleasures with every bump, and let us assure you: the Rough Riders have a lot of them!

We did get a lot of customer requests for other sizes of this model, smaller ones. We’ve therefore extended the line into a full fledged range with 3 different sizes, so now everyone can experience the pleasure of a bumpy ride.

The small Rough Rider is intended for the eager beginner who is relatively new in anal play. The total length is 250 mm (10 inch), and the thickness is 45 mm (1 7/8 inch).

When you’ve become more advanced but still love the bumpy ride, you can advance to the medium Rough rider, which measures 260 mm length and 62 mm across (10.5 inch x 2.4 inch).

Well advanced players can better sit down on our classic large rough rider, which has a total length of 30 cm (12 inch) and a diameter of 80 mm (3.1 inch).

All rough riders feature a pointy (not sharp) head to facilitate entry, so you slip over them easily. As with all anal toys, we recommend the use of plenty lubricant (silicone-, or waterbased).

All Crackstuffers are made of high quality, soft but very strong and durable, and beautiful blue vinyl.

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