Keepburning Hoolalass Regulator Plug Black


Keepburning Hoolalass Regulator Plug Black

33,00 €

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A brand new range of plugs with shapes never seen before! but they are not just plugs… they can easily become anal locks: how?!, read carefully:

There are 10 different plugs, better known as hoolalass plugs, available in black and black/yellow. They can easily become an anal lock by using them together with the ‘hoolalass’ also available in two colours: yellow (code 772402) and black (code 772401).
The hoolalass is the innovative master piece that will hold together your favourite hoolalassplug while you are using it as a cockring. Exactly! now you have an anal lock. So, choose the colour of the hoolalaas and choose your favourite hoolalaas plug. Now, if you are still horny after playing with your plug at home… make it an anal lock and go with it wherever you want!
Hoolalass plugs are sold separately from the hoolalaas.
Length : 100 mm
Diameter : 35 mm and 70 mm

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