Keepburning Sportrings Hex Ring Black


Keepburning Sportrings Hex Ring Black

22,00 €

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The Keepburning cockrings, better known as “Sport Rings” are made for a purpose. Not to decorate or disguise but for one sole purpose, enhance your burning pleasure. The cockrings are made of hard silicone and greatly differentiate themselves from those made of soft and rubbery material in more than one way.

It is certainly not some type of genital jewelry or one that is worn for appearance. When placed around the base of your cock you will immediately feel its firmness. It will slow down the flow of blood from the erect penile tissue and will allow you to maintain an erection for a much longer period. You will undoubtedly like the particular sensation of tightness and extreme enlargement that come with wearing one, without forgetting that it improves erections and delays orgasms, thereby intensifying pleasurable sensations.

Inner circunference : 45 mm

Outer circunference : 65 mm

Weight : 58 gr

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