Oxballs Ass Bomb Filler Plug Black S


Oxballs Ass Bomb Filler Plug Black S

60,00 €

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Are you ready to explode? The Ass Bomb from Oxballs will have you gushing a huge load of cum as it fills your hole just right. This 100% pure platinum silicone plug has a hollow core so you can be filled with piss or lube and get your ass ready for anything else. Unique bomb shape design with three prongs on the bottom that spell out ASS.

 ThereÂ’s a nice taper on the top to help get this in followed by a bulging centre. Once you get past this portion the bomb will get sucked nicely in your hole and stay put until youÂ’re ready to blow. Available in three sizes for your hole blasting pleasure.


Ass Bomb S

Ass Bomb M

Ass Bomb L


75 mm / 3 inch

100 mm / 4 inch

125 mm / 5 inch

Max usable Circumference

15 cm / 6 inch

19 cm / 7,5 inch

23,5 cm / 9,25 inch


85 gram / 2.9 oz

200 gram / 7,2 oz

355 gram / 12,4 oz


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