Oxballs Tunnel Fuck Plug Black M


Oxballs Tunnel Fuck Plug Black M

73,00 €

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Need a new hole? Hole’s worn out and sloppy? Want a tighter hole? The Tunnel Fuckable Buttplug by OXBALLS is the re-thread for your pucker. I’s shaped so it fits your hole like it was custom fit. Made from OXBALLS skin-flex platinum silicone – the only material that feels like skin, warms up to your body temp fast, has enough strength to keep your butt-pucker open, and is still soft enough inside to fuck. The walls of this plug are thin and strong, but every thrust will stretch your hole… creating a strange mix of being disconnected from your hole while feeling the stretch and movement. Feel the meat as it slides past the end of the plug.

If youÂ’re the lucky bastard that gets to fuck the all-new pucker? A smooth inner chamber with ripples and welts near the deepest guts of the plug. At the tip of the plug the walls are thin with a little rolled lip, so every time you thrust, the ridges rub your cockhead. NiceÂ…

Other uses for Tunnel Fuckable Buttplug? Turn your hole into a open sewerÂ… a urinalÂ… pump full with fist-lubeÂ… be a walking glory holeÂ… grab a funnel andÂ… Twisted pigs rejoice.


Tunnel Fuck Plug S

Tunnel Fuck Plug M

Tunnel Fuck Plug L

Tunnel Fuck Plug XL


100 mm / 4 inch

110 mm / 4,25 inch

120 mm / 4,75 inch

130 mm / 5,25 inch

Outer Diameter

55 mm / 2,25 inch

65 mm / 2,5 inch

70 mm / 2,75 inch

80 mm / 3,25 inch

Diameter Inner Hole

25 mm / 1 inch

27 mm / 1,06 inch

29 mm / 1,14 inch

30 mm / 1,18 inch


160 gram / 5,6 oz

220 gram / 7,8 oz

300 gram / 10,6 oz

400 gram / 14,1 oz


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