Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug Clear M


Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug Clear M

42,00 €

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Ordinary butt plugs are now so LAME. Why just plug a hole, when you can now stuff it and OPEN it? Your boi’s hairy hole is now plugged…but fuck, you can SEE into it…he’s a friggin’ DRAIN. His hole is now ready for ANY damn thing you wanna fill him with…and of course we start with our Cum Lube!

We fuckin’ love the stretchy feel of the Ass Tunnel Plug, made of special blend of silicone and TPR. It’s an entirely new sensation for your hole to be plugged and yet so fuckin’ vulnerable. Incredibly HOT.

Inner diameter M= 2.5 cm L= 3.1 cm XL= 3.6 cm

Outside diameter M= 5.1 cm L= 6.3 cm XL= 7.1 cm

Insertable length M= 7.3 cm L= 8.3 cm XL= 9.3 cm

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