TSX American Futbol Black


TSX American Futbol Black

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It’s kickoff time!

Yes, it’s another sports-themed toy from the twisted minds at TSX! The Futbol is… well, it’s a football! (The American version. Sorry, rest of the world. Maybe someday they’ll make your version, what we call a soccer ball.) This toy gives a new meaning to “”touch football””!

The Futbol is poised on the kicking tee, ready for action. And it’s very realistic… the surface is textured, it’s got seams and laces, and it even has the TSX Team Shield. Of course it’s not regulation size, but it should be big enough for most players.

If you’re a sports fan you need to add The Futbol to your collection. Make it the center piece on your snack table at the next Superbowl. Or wear it during the game!

Warning: The Futbol is for wide receivers only. Tight ends should look for a smaller toy.

Made of phthalate free vinyl, available at Mister BÂ’s in bright red and shiny black.


Total length 20 cm. Insertable length 17 cm. Max diameter 10 cm. 

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