TSX Buttplug Extender Clear Fauxskin


TSX Buttplug Extender Clear Fauxskin

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Another great new penis extender from TSX Toys, now available @ Mister BÂ’s: The Buttplug Extender. This one has a round shaft with some light veining, and a fat head that looks like a butt plug. This TSX Buttplug Extender produces a nice “”pop”” going both in and out.

All TSX Extenders have a feature that other similar toys do not have: a 32 mm (stretchy) hole to slip your balls through, that helps to keep the extender in place.

The best way to put this sleeve on, is to put some lube on the inside of the ball ring, then reach though with your fingers, grab the skin of your ball sack, and pull as much of it through as you can. Then, with your other hand, gently push your balls through, one at a time. It may be a tight fit, but unless you have really big balls, they should go through. Now put some more lube on your cock or on the inside of the sleeve; squeeze the sleeve to force the air out; put the head of your cock to the opening of the sleeve; and release the sleeve. The suction will pull you in and hold the sleeve on.

Available in shiny phthalate free black vinyl and in a clear FauxSkin material. FauxSkin is a newly released material that is very soft, flexible and stretchy, and therefore very comfortable. Please note that the FauxSkin material does not combine with vinyl, so do not let this Extender touch your other dildos.


  • Total length 24 cm (9.5 inch)
  • Insertable length 18 cm (7 inch)
  • Maximum diameter 5 cm (2 inch)

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