TSX Matador Red


TSX Matador Red

54,00 €

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The team at TSX don’t do things by halves and that’s why this massive dildo measures a full 12 inches in length! Thick and fulfilling, the Matador is covered with ridges and veins all over.

Realistically shaped for the ultimate pleasure, this large dildo is incredibly filling.

Slip the life-like head inside and the thick shaft will follow with each of its individual ridges and veins.

It also has a flared suction-cup base which is unbelievably strong, allowing you to use the Matador completely hands-free! Enjoy the full 12 inch thrust on this big and beautiful sex toy!

Big, wide and proud, you can’t get much more satisfying than the Matador!

Sizes: lenght 32 cm. Insertable length 29 cm. Diameter 6.5 cm.

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