TSX Prostidude Black


TSX Prostidude Black

88,00 €

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You want it big? Well, we'll give it to you big! This massive dildo is not only incredibly long and exceptionally thick but it has numerous heads that provide a brilliant stretching effect! Great for gaping!

Weighing in at over a kilo, this heavyweight dildo is big, thick and intense.

The tapered tip allows you to start off slow, but after that its nothing but six of the largest rubber heads imaginable. As each head passes your prostate, the prostidude has a mind blowing effect.

Graduated in size, the first head is 2.25 inches in diameter and the last is a whopping 3 inches.

It also has a flared suction-cup base which is unbelievably strong, allowing you to use the Prostidude completely hands-free!

Sizes: lenght 32 cm. Insertable length 28 cm. Diameter increasing from 6 to 7 cm.

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