TSX Rumpa Bumb Bumb Extender Clear


TSX Rumpa Bumb Bumb Extender Clear

70,00 €

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“”Cum!”” he told him, ba Rumpa Bump Bump…ba Rumpa Bump Bump…

This extension has bumps! Three big bumps! Slip your dick into this sleeve and you can rock your partner all night long!

This toy has one feature that most other extenders don’t have: a hole to slip your balls through, that helps keep the extender in place.

The Rumpa Bump Bump is 8″” long (the insertable part, not counting the ball harness). The bumps are 2.25″” thick (7″” around); a shade under 3″” thick (9.25″” around); and just over 3″” thick (9.75″” around). The interior diameter is 1.25″”, and the inside depth is 5.75″”.

The best way to use this sleeve is to put some lube on the inside of the ball ring, then reach though with your fingers, grab the skin of your ball sack, and pull as much of it through as you can. Then, with your other hand, gently push your balls through, one at a time. It may be a tight fit, but unless you have really big balls, they should go through. (The diameter of the ball ring is 1.25″”.)

Now put some more lube on your cock, or on the inside of the sleeve; squeeze the sleeve to force the air out; put the head of your cock to the opening of the sleeve; and release the sleeve. The suction will pull you in and hold the sleeve on!

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