TSX Scrotamax Extender Clear


TSX Scrotamax Extender Clear

67,00 €

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The new Scrotomax is TSX’s biggest penis extender yet, now available @ Mister B in black and clear vinyl. Designed to give on average  12 cm / 4.75 extra inches of fulfilment to your lucky and hungry partner! If you have always wanted to give them a longer, harder and fuller erection now is your chance. Watch their face light up when you wear this huge penis extension!

Similar to our other penis extenders of TSX, the Scrotomax is hollow, and has a built ball harness which not only holds your balls tight, but also holds the extender in place while you fuck.

Sizes: length 33 cm (13 inch) / insertable lenght 25 cm (10 inch). Diameter 4.5 cm (1.75 inch).

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