TSX Sperm Tail Plug Red


TSX Sperm Tail Plug Red

41,00 €

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For your anal delights we have the gorgeous Sperm Tail, a wonderful uniquely shaped anal probe that all you butt fiends are simply going to mad over!Constructed in a gorgeous red slightly pliable PVC, the Sperm Tail is designed to probe your anus deep and sensually with a splendid overall length of 13 inches, (with the bulbous head being 3 inches, and the tail being 10 inches).The sensational tail begins at 2 ¼ inches thick at the flippers and tapers down to an easy penetrating tip of approximately ½ an inch.Slip the sexy Sperm tail into your anus and you will definitely know you are being probed as it stretches and fills you and helps you on your way to an orgasmic climax! Ideal for boys and girls who enjoy anal pleasures!

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