Leather American Football Shorts M


Leather American Football Shorts M

451,00 €

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You will love the look of these new football shorts, they are made of thick soft leather, which feels like a second skin around your body.

Padding on the thighs and on your ass make your legs and ass even more impressive.

Remember the pictures of the Turkish oil-wrestlersÂ… same style pantsÂ…you do want to look like that, but your football shorts will last a lot longer…

Your crotch has lace-closure and is designed to give it an impressive bulge !!

These shorts have their own unique pattern, but for the sizing we can give you the following lead :
Levi Style 501 :
28-29 : XS
30-31 : S
32-33 : M
34-35 : L
36-38 : XL
38-40 : XXL

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