O-Ring Mouth Gag


O-Ring Mouth Gag

43,00 €

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A rubber coated ring (inner diameter just over 40 mm) will keep your (or your boys’) mouth wide open so you can shove your …… in :-) Hmmmm nice!The coating will make sure that your dentist won’t mind too much – this quality aspect of this gag makes it better then what you’ll usually will find from other manufacturers.The ringsize has been carefully chosen as well: when we would make it bigger most people won’t be able to swallow it (although….. ja ja, we know….. grin), but a smaller ínterior size wouldn’t fit most cocks. And to be honest: it shouldn’t be too comfortable as well isn’t it?So with pleasure we add this cocksucker’s wet dream to our already very extensive range of gags. What’s on a man’s mind…

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