Boy Butter 5 oz EZ-pump


Boy Butter 5 oz EZ-pump

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“ Try squeezing a little Boy Butter into your tight agenda today”

Original Boy Butter is entirely (vegetable) oil based making it as slippery as melted butter, letting you shove virtually anything up any hole with ease!. It contains ingredients such as coconut oil and silicone for a soft slide effect. This stuff is long-lasting and non-sticky. The advantage of Boy Butter is that it is water soluble, even though it’s oil-based. There’s no need for soap, just wash it off with warm water.

Beware! This product is not condom compatible. For safe sex, use Boy Butter H2O……water-based lubricant.

5oz: The handy 5oz (roughly 150 ml) pump. What’s great about the pump is that your dirty little fingers can’t sully the rest of the lube, meaning you can use it multiple times with multiple partners!!!

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