Boy Butter Bonerz


Boy Butter Bonerz

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NEW YORK CITY — The makers of “”Boy Butter,”” the hot-selling brand of Personal Lubricants for Gay men, are unveiling another sure to please product – Boy Butter Bonerz Male Performance Capsules with Boy-Agra, the 1st male enhancement product for the gay market.””There are countless over-the-counter sex supplements on the market driving this growing segment of the novelty trade, no pun intended,”” says Boy Butter creator Eyal Feldman, “”but I noticed they are all targeted and compete for a generic male demographic. Using our Boy Butter branding, which is highly-recognized in the gay market, we packaged an excellent 36 hour formula with an unforgettable brand name, Boy Butter Bonerz with Boy-Agra.””Boy Butter Bonerz with Boy-Agra is sold in a one-capsule blister pack that provides 36-hours of fun in a safe, effective herbal formula without “”speedy”” side effects. Feldman adds “”The greatest thing about Boy Butter Bonerz is not only its hilarious name, but that it really works. I liken it to feeling like a horny eighteen-year-old again — and for a day and a half!

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