Mister B HARD Sexual Support 1 pcs


Mister B HARD Sexual Support 1 pcs

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Mister B HARD is a 100% natural male sexual support, designed to help improve erections, sex drive and stamina. The all-natural formula works by maximizing blood flow to the genital area while promoting healthy testosterone and hormone levels. Because it works quickly and naturally, Mister B HARD is a high performance product which produces no harmful side effects.

Mister B HARD Sexual Support Formula may:

  • Provide you with firmer, fuller erections & increased sensitivity
  • Maximize blood circulation throughout your reproductive system
  • Regulate healthy hormone production and prostate function
  • Enhance your sex drive and overall energy
  • Increase sexual endurance and stamina

Unlike other capsules, Mister B HARD is not so time sensitive, so you don’t have to worry about taking it 1-2 hours before you perform. Mister B HARDÂ’s ingredients will gradually make it so that the strength of your erections and sex drive will be reminiscent of your teenage years – full of vigour.

Mister B HARD, 450 mg per capsule. Sold in boxes of 1, 2 and 5 capsules.

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