Mister B POWDER 70 gr


Mister B POWDER 70 gr

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After years of research and intense testing (you donÂ’t hear us complainingÂ…) we present with great pleasure our own powder lubricant: Mister B POWDER.

Mister B POWDER is an instant lubricant. Mix it with water to get a water based lubricant of your desired thickness. How thick is your mix? You can turn any bottle of ordinary drinking water into a bottle of your favourite lubeÂ…. POOF! By removing the heaviest ingredient (which is water) from a great water based lubricant, we have been able to lower the costs of manufacturing and are therefore able to offer this Mister B POWDER for a very good price. One bottle of Mister B POWDER is enough to make you 2 litres of lubricant.

Prepping your lube is easy and fun, and can be a nice part of foreplay with your partner. Simply shake / mix / stir a teaspoon of powder in 100 ml warm water and let it rest for a while. (a teaspoon is 3.5 gram, a normal spoon is enough for half a liter). Use more powder if you like a thicker mix. The harder you shake or stir, the smoother the mix is, but should you have tiny lumps in your initial mix donÂ’t worry because they will resolve in 15 minutes or so.

Mister B POWDER is easy, cheap, latex- safe, dermatologically tested, travel safe, camping friendly and environmentally safe. Now: thatÂ’s a good one for sexaholics like youÂ…

Mister B POWDER is made in Germany by a medical laboratory which operates under such strict conditions that the German government had no problem at all in CE-certifying our Powder as a medical class lubricant. It is actually the ONLY powder lubricant in the world that we know of that bears the über-strict Medical Class 2A-certification, but please: do prove us wrong.

Because Mister B POWDER is developed as a medical lubricant for humans, also for internal use, it is a better product than the good olÂ’ famous J Lube, the classic bottle that is in the cupboard of so many people. But J Lube is actually nothing more than some kind of sugar which, mixed with water, is intended for veterinary use.

Because we chose not to add conservatives into our powder formula, once mixed it cannot be kept for very long, e.g. please use within 6 hours at room temperature. The powder itself actually has a very long shelf life (guaranteed for 3 years).

Tip: Google for powder lube recipes. There are user groups and forums on the web that go completely wild about prepping your favourite lubricant from powder. You can freeze the mix for instance into ice cubes. Imagine shoving a cube up his or hers XXX before inserting your XXXÂ… Do we need to say more?

Mister B POWDER comes in a 70 gram = 100 ml bottle with a flip top cap which is always easy to open and close even with slippery fingers. 

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