Thick Neoprene Cockring 40 mm / 1.50 inch


Thick Neoprene Cockring 40 mm / 1.50 inch

29,00 €

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YES YES YES We got finally ’em! We really love these little motherfuckers. We import them from the States. Made from soft neoprene these rings feel fantastic. Have you ever tried to glue neoprene? It’s a bloody nightmare to get it right and the guys that make these just do it. But it takes quite a lot of time so that’s why they’re not cheap. Another disadvantage is that you can NOT combine them with Crisco or other oils / fats; in the long run oils and grease will deteriorate the material.But let’s talk advantages shall we? They’re easy to put on (stretchy), they’re soft, comfy, sexy, warm on the body and easy to remove and machine washable when you get tired of them in the end!You want to buy these rings tight sweetie. So: we have three different sizes: 40 mm, 45 mm and 50 mm internal diameter. Buy the ring one size tighter as you would with a steel cockring, so take a 40 mil if you usually have a 45 mm cockring etcetera.Also: do check out the neoprene ballstretchers, which you can also use of course as penis rings. You can make wonderful combinations with these neoprene rings and steel cockrings and -ballstretchers. Check the other photos with this product to get an idea of what you can accomplish…

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