Extreme Piss Gag Hood S


Extreme Piss Gag Hood S

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When we developed the waterboarding hood we remembered that we saw a similar hood in a movie… And no wonder we remembered, it was burned into our memory because the movie gave us a raging hard-on! The idea that you as rubber pig, can be fed anything through the open mouthgag which spreads your hungry mouth wide open…. Resistance is futile…. You’ve been assimilated by the Borg….. hhhhhmmmmmmmm….. Need we say more?MMMmmmpppffffhhh eeeeeeeehhh hhhhiiiiimmmmmeeeeeeeee ‘oooorrrrrrrrrr’ (translation: this is an attempt to say ‘mmmmmm yeah: gimme more..’ when your face is stuffed with the gag :-))This fantastic heavy pisshood is made of really thick rubber (1 mm thick) which gives you that deluxe feeling of the rubber pressing all over your head while wearing it. All sounds become a bit numb due to heavy weight of the material, adding to that max feeling of arousal that you’ll surely have when you’re a rubber pisspig.The inner diameter of the tube (32 mm / 1 1/4 inch) is chosen carefully so you’re still able to put it in your thirsty mouth, and your mate can shove his dick in after the dive (if his cock isn’t too thickly built). The noseholes ensure that you can still breathe when the mouthgag is fully stuffed.We gave it plastic eyes so you can have a good look at what is cumming for you… Sorry! If you want a closed version of this hood, without eyes: contact our staff and they’ll be happy to make one for you.Don’t play with this hood on an expensive carpet; drewling is guaranteed to happen after a while.Snif snif snort snort grunt gnarl… Have fun!

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