Serious Toys Rubber Sling


Serious Toys Rubber Sling

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Okay guys, we know that up to now rubber isnÂ’t strong enough for suspension and for hefty assplay – so unsuitable to make slings of. Sturdy saddle leather was the only good material to use.

However, leather does have a disadvantage: cleaning up afterwards. So: our product development team was set to work and together with the new German firm Serious toys came up with this fantastic new heavy duty rubber sling. The aim of the entire project was to develop a sling which is strong enough to support an elephant, but which can be easily cleaned by a Kärcher – to name an example. This sling has been thoroughly tested in saunas and darkrooms and the reactions have been enthousiast.

The D-rings on each of the five corners of the sling have been firmly attached to the industrial rubber plate by stainless steel plating material which have no problem at all with water and our favorite yellow liquid – just like the rubber itself.

The industrial rubber will not be affected by any lubricant so please feel free to use Crisco, grease… Even motor oil – whatever you want, as long as you don’t use battery acid – but luckily nobody does that hahaha.


  • Made out of thick rubber for eternal use
  • finished with stainless steel corners
  • Special design for comfort during sex
  • Maximum load 400kg
  • Weight: 4.8kg
  • Length x width 122cm x 75cm

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